Individual Issues

Below are descriptions and links to purchase individual Volumes of “Think Outside”

Playbook Vol1.jpg

ATO Volume 1 $39.99

In Volume 1 of Think Outside you meet Ryan Prange and learn about how he started his company, Falling Waters Landscape. We talk money… as in how to price your services, establishing an hourly rate, and if you should have a design fee minimum. We discuss marketing your services without a budget and finally we showcase one of FWL’s latest projects #sandieguito

Playbook Vol2.jpg

ATO Volume 2 $39.99

Volume 2 is all about Photographing your projects, what to look for in a photographer, getting permission from your clients and why you shouldn’t be afraid to spend money on good photos. We introduce you to another FWL project, #LJrooftop, do a Q & A with Ryan on where and WHO inspires him. Finally we talk lighting plans and how to add them to your projects for extra revenue!

Playbook Vol3.jpg

ATO Volume 3 $39.99

Volume 3 is titled “Designing your Business”. This is the issue you don’t want to miss. I outline 10 basics of establishing and starting your business

- Type of Business Entity - Business Name - Brand - Purchase and hold your name across all platforms - Create a purpose statement - Create Consistency - Identify your Network - Identify your ideal client - Obtain proper licenses - Set realistic goals

I also go into detail about how to increase your odds of being published, and we explore the Leucadia Rain Garden completed by FWL in 2016


ATO Volume 4 $39.99

Volume 4 is titled “Demystifying the Initial Consultation”. This issue is loaded with information. We do a deep dive into meeting your client for the first time!

-How your clients find you, First contact and your response, Setting the initial meeting, THE meeting (yikes!), The follow up (your first “touch”), Sending the proposal, Thank you and welcome to *insert your business name here*

Tips and Tricks of the Trade: “Getting that Signature”

(New Feature) Mistakes I’ve made: Managing HR without a consultant


ATO Volume 5 $39.99

Volume 5 is titled “How to make money in the design business”.

Tips and Tricks of the Trade: “Navigating the Friends and Family Dillema”

Mistakes I’ve made: Bringing on a Partner too early

ATO_Volume 6_Cover.jpg

ATO Volume 6 $39.99

“Marketing Your Business” - The ins and outs of advertising and promoting yourself

In my office: LandFX

Mistakes I’ve made: Managing Work/Life Balance

ATO_Volume 7_Cover.jpg

ATO Volume 7 $49.99

“Office & Construction Systems” - Processes, Systems and Outlines for running a design/build Office

Case Study: Leora Lane

Tips & Tricks: Plant ID for Dummies

Book Review: “The E-Myth Revisted” - Gerber

ATO_Volume 8_Cover.jpg

ATO Volume 8 $49.99

“Employees First” - Taking care of the people who call you ‘Boss’

Case Study: Rimini

Tips & Tricks: Safety 101

Book Review: “Garden’s are for People” - Church