Think Outside- Using Project Photography for Marketing

Do I have ask my client’s permission to photograph their project?


Okay, so you’ve finished a couple projects that your proud of and you wanna use photographs for future marketing. First off, that is a GREAT thing to be doing. People love to see past work you’ve done and hear testimonials from happy clients. But you’re probably wondering if you need to get permission from your clients before using their projects for marketing? The short answer is absolutely YES.

In general people are private. Many of our clients wish to remain anonymous but are STILL excited about seeing their home and landscape photographed. At FWL, we get asked to NOT use names, and sometimes we get asked to remove address numbers from the photos. On the whole, though, most of our clients are perfectly happy seeing their homes on our site. In fact, over the years I’ve had multiple clients give me a hard time for NOT putting their project on my Instagram or on the website. The truth is… not all projects are website worthy, but that’s a topic for another time! However, it’s very important to get consent from your clients. Verbal consent is nice and all, but do you need them to sign an actual form?

On our construction agreement we have a clause allowing us exclusive access to photograph the construction process and the final product. This clause allows us to use the pictures on our website, social media, and really any other source we like. EVEN with that clause we would still make the client aware and make sure they have no reservations about their home being photographed.

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Was this helpful? I hope so! I look forward to sharing more help for your landscaping business both here and in my Playbooks!

Happy designing! - Ryan