Think Outside- 10 Basics to starting your business (Vol. 3 preview)

Designing Your Business

Venturing out on your own, or starting from scratch can be extremely intimidating. Nevermind that you’re an amazing designer… where do you even begin? If you are contemplating starting your own landscape design business the basics in Volume 3 will help lay the groundwork for success.

As designers we are consumed with making places and spaces pretty for others. We agonize over the details, we pour over the plans, and that often results in neglecting the design of our business.

The design of your business is everything from your Business Entity status to your presence online. It is your logo, your company culture, your office and your business systems. In Volume 3 of the playbook we will outline and dive into detail on 10 basics of starting your business.

10 basics for starting your design business

Oxford Ave. project from  FWL

Oxford Ave. project from FWL

- Type of Business Entity

- Business Name

- Brand

- Purchase and hold your name across all platforms

- Create a purpose statement

- Create Consistency

- Identify your Network

- Identify your ideal client

- Obtain proper licensing

- Set realistic goals

The 10 steps I outlined above don’t have to be completed before you start working. In fact, the very best thing you can do right now is START!

Is this list overwhelming? Perhaps. If you are feeling overwhelmed, don’t stress. This is a process that doesn’t happen overnight. You are here reading this information. That means you are trying to educate yourself and better your business.

Volume 3 goes into detail on each of the 10 steps

I share business tips and tricks for all things related to the business of Landscape Design in my monthly playbook “Think Outside.” This 15-20 page PDF is full of things I’ve learned during my time in the Business. Click the link below to subscribe and learn how to get your business started.

Thanks for reading! - Ryan