Think Outside- What if I'm Brand New

How to Market Yourself if You’re New

Using photography for your business is important, but as a new professional this can be a bit of a challenge. What if you haven’t done many projects… or what if you’ve NEVER done a project, or perhaps you have sold a few designs but nothing has been built yet. Here are some creative ways to get good photos to use on your website or social media.

  1. Create a relationship with a local nursery, garden center, or botanical garden. Offer an exchange of services (your design service for discount or free) for the chance to use the space. Move around plants and other items to create a vignette that you can then photograph.

  2. Offer your services to a local contractor for a discount/free in exchange for the right to photograph the project after.

  3. Landscape your own home or a friend/family member’s home and photograph it at different times of the year to get several shots that you can use.

If you don’t have any projects completed yet, start with a blog. Identify your style and projects you love using social media like Pinterest or Google image searches.

Create a blog post using these images to let your clients know your style and vibe. Write about things for which you have an opinion, and remember… never portray someone else’s work as your own. Give proper credit to the authors/creators of the photos.

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Thanks for reading! - Ryan