Think Outside - Make Money in the Design Business

How to make money in the design business

Volume 5 is all about making that MONEY. While we all love what we do, we don’t do it for our health. Of course, if we wanted to make REAL money we would have gone into insurance sales or biotech. If you haven’t read Volume 1, now would be a good time to go back and refresh yourself. In Vol. 1 we talk about setting your hourly rate and that will be an important part of our discussion in Vol. 5

In Volume 5 we discuss the “Framily” dilemma… that is, working for Friends and Family. I tell you all about my woes with business partners, and I introduce you to one of FWL’s flagship projects:Estelle.

Have you have been in business for years? Are you treating your business like a BUSINESS or like a hobby? If you have been in business for any length of time, and not making the money you would like to make, now is the time to take your business seriously.Of course like anything we discuss in ATO; it’s a process and something you will always be working on. Pay attention to these suggestions, adapt them to your personality and your location, and you will be ahead of the game and making more money

  1. These 6 methods will get on the right track to making more money in your design business

    • Grow your email list

    • Consulting

    • Create relationships, not clients

    • Solve problems

    • Respect your time

    • Create a ladder of services

Check out Volume 5 of “Think Outside” Playbook for more on the topic of Making Money in your Design Business

Check  FWL  website for more project photos

Check FWL website for more project photos

Thanks for reading! - Ryan