Think Outside - Have you been published?

How do you go about getting published?

We learned in Volume 1 the mantra to use when considering taking on a project… “Is it profitable or publishable?”.  So, if we think a project has a chance of being publishable we will put extra time and effort into making sure that project shines. In the pages of Volume 3 I go into detail on making your project stand out from the rest. Here are a few tips that didn’t make their way into the playbook:

  1. When you are pitching your project, send photos and a story. Pretty photos with no context won’t be as easy to digest. Editors are very busy. Do the heavy lifting for them

  2. Be respectful and use your manners. Thank the editor or freelance writer in advance. Do your research on the writer/publication to make sure they would specifically be interested in what you are promoting.

  3. Send your project on your company letterhead and include a pitch.

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If you haven’t been published yet, be patient. It will come when the time is right. You’re better off creating the best product you can and positioning yourself for that amazing client to hire you. When the garden is complete, get the best photos you can and be confident in yourself.

Check out Volume 3 of “Think Outside” Playbook for more on the topic of getting published

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Thanks for reading! - Ryan