Think Outside- Case Study "Cornish Ark" (Vol. 4 preview)

Case Study “Cornish Ark”

While the #CornishArk isn’t technically a “Tiny Home”, it is certainly much smaller than your average new build home. The 1100 sqf reverse floor-plan home sits on a small 2800 sqf suburban lot. Western ocean views are captured from the living area and kitchen, while the master bedroom and office are on the 1st floor. Living in Encinitas CA is certainly not cheap, but having a home like this definitely makes a lot of sense.

A few of the challenges we faced:

  • The property had 5’ side yards that made access very difficult

  • The master bedroom was sited on the first story facing the busy street. Obscuring the views and creating privacy and security while obeying the height limits was a challenge.

  • The design of the home (being a 2 story box) and the small lot meant green space was at a premium and softening the exterior elevations was keyThe project presented several challenges

Plus many more….

Check out Volume 4 of “Think Outside” Playbook for details, photos and final shots of this project to see the solutions we implemented.

Concept Plan for the Cornish Ark by FWL

Concept Plan for the Cornish Ark by FWL

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