Think Outside- Case Study "Leucadia Raingarden" (Vol. 3 preview)

Case Study “Leucadia Raingarden”

The Owner of the Leucadia Residence contacted my design firm in FWL in December of 2015 with a request to re-landscape his yard with Natives. After we sent him our Questionnaire we received more information about what he REALLY wanted. He had found us online and wanted to incorporate a Cottage/Office in his backyard and solve the drainage problems intrinsic to his site in lower Leucadia.

The project presented several challenges

-          The property had 5’ side yards that made moving boulders and soil very difficult

-          Neighbors on all sides proved difficult

-          flat lot that needed to drain

-          The client requested multiple changes which resulted in several Change Orders.

Plus many more….

Check out Volume 3 of “Think Outside” Playbook for details, photos and final shots of this project to see the solutions we implemented.

Site plan from  FWL  offices

Site plan from FWL offices

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