Think Outside- Is Hiring a Professional Photographer Necessary?

DIY or Hire a Photographer?

A picture is worth a thousand words. If that’s true, then in the landscape world, that picture could also be worth $1,000, or how about $100,000? Yep, that's right… one amazing photograph seen by the right person can easily help sell you that 6-figure project. In our experience, quality photography is worth EVERY penny!


I can’t tell you how many designers and contractors I know - or have worked with- that do gorgeous work and yet have the most abysmal (read: ugly) photos on their website or social media feed. How is this possible? Is photography too expensive? Are their projects not “photo-worthy”? Did the homeowner let the project go? What other barriers are there to getting good photos?

But remember, good photography is an investment. I’ll repeat that… photography is an investment. Your photos live forever. So why would you want to put out into the universe anything but your very best? I ‘be said it before, but 1 good (edited) photo is worth 100 mediocre unedited shots. So, if I could give you one word of advice for your photography it would be HIRE A PROFESSIONAL. I promise it’s worth it.

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Happy designing! - Ryan